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Features of our Apps

Digital project management, as simple as picking
up a pen (and simpler than being on the phone)

Trabr is the super simple renovating and building app.

And by simple we mean really, really easy to use. No crap. No stress. No more “how do I do that” moments. Because you should be doing what you want to do. Like building, getting the job done well and not sweating over admin tasks. Bloody genius!



This is where everything starts at Trabr. Check how simply you can sign-up and how to get the most benefit from our onboarding tips, our tutorial and also our Demo Project, which you'll find there in-app to help guide you when needed.


Project Team

Project Teams is how you can add clients, trades, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, architects etc., literally any project stakeholder can be invited and involved; then everyone is on the same page.


Project Info

Here you have all project information in one place, right at your fingertips. Access the project's Site Diary, Tasks, Photos, Documents, Progress Updates, your Project Team and more.



Keep everything about your project in the project. You can create project specific messaging groups and send messages to all your team and clients, all in the one place. Make project communications easy and secure with Trabr.


Site Diary

Here you can include notes about work in progress. You can update daily progress, weather events, property owner instructions and so much more.



With Trabr you can assign tasks for your team, choose and allocate team members, set dates for completion and even set the interdependencies between project tasks too.



With Schedules you can manage your entire project's work schedule and keep everyone aware of it. Create tasks, allocated to project stages; you can share project schedules with your clients, give full transparency about who will execute what and the timelines to get it all done.



Trabr keeps you on top of any and all project variations, without the stress. You can add variations, get your client's approval and signature in-app, and be ready to push on with work! Everything documented, detailed and recorded, no disputes needed, ever again.


Request for quotes (RFQ)

Trabr lets you generate formal requests for quotations (RFQs) in-app. With this feature you can have all works specified, distributed and all quotations in the one place. You can award quotations, track and monitor tasks and costs together, easily.


Project Updates

Keep your clients fully informed, all the time. Update your clients as frequently as they like of all project activity direct from the app. Share a video, a photo or describe works done. Trabr helps make the process so much easier, transparent and keeps it all together.



Trabr lets you import a spreadsheet with your project budget (use our template and avoid the grief!) and to track and monitor all actual project expenditure versus budget, in real time too. And you can sync Trabr with your Xero account to easily process payment of accounts when needed.



Trabr allows you to store and share all relevant project documentation. Things like project plans, permits, SWMS, RFQs, whatever it might be. Just add documents to the shared folders and people can access them directly on their mobile, regardless of where they are.



With Photos in Trabr you can share project photos and video updates with your clients and your team. To make things easier and stay organised, we've created two folders; one where you can save all your own project photos and videos, and another for all of those that you want to share.



With the Trabr Mark-up feature, you can easily rotate an image or document, add text to it or draw on any of your photos, documents or plans to add the extra detail that always goes a long way to help make things clearer and easier for your entire project team to understand.


Toolbox Talks New

With the Trabr Toolbox Talks feature, Creating Toolbox Talks and keeping your projects compliant and safe now couldn't be easier. Create them on the go and have your project team and site visitors review, accept and acknowledge them, all through the Trabr app.