Trabr Design Studio

For builders, owners, architects, renovators, for dreamers, for everyone. Finally, now you can ensure that everyone working on your project are all on the same page.

Our Design Studio is the simple way for anyone to collaborate their design and style objectives for their next renovation or build. Completely FREE. No conditions.

Create unlimited design palettes, one for each room or for each project, as you wish, then share it with anyone or with your entire project team.

We're all about ensuring project results and outcomes, just the way you want them.


Welcome to the Trabr Design Studio.

Communicate, collaborate and bring your ideas to life for your next dream project. Go wild with your imagination, make it happen and never miss a single detail. 


Upload your inspiration.

What can you add to your palette? Literally anything. Add videos, photos, URLs, whatever, to your project's design palette. Add pics and screen grabs and details about taps or doorknobs or tiles, whatever you might want to communicate about with your client, your builder or suppliers and sub-contractors.

You can add a description to the items in your palette to clearly outline what you want to focus on and communicate about, just one specific detail or the entire project theme, so everyone is always on the same page. No confusion, no complications, crystal clear!


Create unlimited Design Palettes.

Why limit your imagination? It's your project, your home or whatever the project might be, so you have every right to ensure that everyone knows what YOU want to achieve. With Trabr's Design Studio you can create a palette for your project or for each and every design component of it.

Our Design Studio is all about communication, and the more you share about what you see in your mind's eye, the more your team can be aware of what you want to achieve, rather than what they think you want. 100% project design clarity, all of the time.


Collaborate together on the go.

Working alone or in a team, we've perfected this for all forms of collaboration. Create a palette by yourself and copy a link to it to show it off to the whole world. Or add your project team, architects, suppliers, whomever to the palette in one click and collaborate, anywhere and everywhere.

Anyone you give access to can also leave you notes, comments, suggestions and feedback in the app. It's just so simple.


We can't wait to see all the ways you will leverage Trabr Design Studio and the exciting masterpieces you build. We're always delighted and eager to hear from our users. Your thoughts, comments and observations aren't just welcomed, we encourage them, so please feel free to share at support@trabr.com anytime.

Enough talking, let's get started.