Remote Project Mark-ups

Project management is all about clear communication. For owner-builders and renovators with the Trabr Mark-up feature, you can easily add to or annotate any plan or document to better communicate precisely what you need, how and why, for your trades, your builder or subcontractors, your suppliers, for any project stakeholder.
You can rotate an image or a document, add text to it or even draw on any of your photos, documents or plans right there on your smartphone, to add that extra detail which always goes a long way to making things more clear and easier for the entire team to understand. Bloody genius!

How it works


Make Changes On the Fly

Easily annotate, rotate, add text or draw on any of your photos, documents or plans to add the important extra detail that helps better communicate the precision needed for your building or renovating project.


Add Clarity

Project management is all about communication, and with Mark-ups in Trabr we're helping you to perfect that. Now, there can never be any mis-understanding on one of your projects ever again.


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