Project Tasks

With Trabr you can assign tasks to any of your team, choose team members to allocate tasks to, specify and set task parameters, set dates for the duration and completion of works involved, and specify and identify the interdependencies between tasks right across your project and your project schedule. Our Project Tasks feature also helps to give you complete visibility of all the moving parts involved in a project if anything is running late, and so much more.

How it works


Task by Project

Allocate tasks, stage by stage, throughout the life of your project.



The checklist feature makes things easier to view and easy to monitor and check when the work is finished.



This feature is crucial because it helps keep everyone involved informed of any delays with any particular task. The Trabr app will update everyone involved to reflect the change in timing of a given task and save you, for example, having to make miles of phone calls to get things re-organised.


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