Toolbox Talks are now digital.

With our Toolbox Talks feature, creating Toolbox Talks, and helping keep your construction projects compliant and safe, now couldn't be easier. Create them on the go, remotely, wherever you are, and have your entire team, stakeholders and site visitors review, accept and acknowledge them, all in the app. Mitigate risk effortlessly, know who has and hasn't complied with your check-in requirements and always be WHS compliant by using the new digital Toolbox Talks feature on Trabr today.

How Toolbox Talks work

Creating a Toolbox Talk on the Trabr App

Acknowledging a live Toolbox Talk on the Trabr App

previewCreating Toolbox Talks

Pick a project.

Now you don't need to be on site to ensure your construction project team are updated, fully informed and your site is compliant. Now you have Toolbox Talks in Trabr to do all that for you. Just tap on the Toolbox Talk section of any project to create a new Toolbox Talk Update and away you go.

previewAdding details to Toolbox Talk

Add some details.

Give your construction project's Toolbox Talk a title and a detailed description. Version control and document management is crucial, then add any attachments needed. Select a Presenter, or just do it yourself from wherever you are, and capture the update on video, and add that too (remember, people comprehend things much better this way, don't just rely on documents, make it personal!).

previewPublishing Toolbox Talks & downloading templates

Publish it in-app, done.

Once live, your team will now be able to view & acknowledge the Toolbox Talk as soon as they next check-in to site. And, importantly, you'll know when everyone has done so and you'll also know who hasn't. Bloody genius. You can also download a Toolbox Talk template from below and you can find a few Toolbox talk examples here.

previewTrabr Toolbox Talks for Construction Workplace Health and Safety.

Looking for a Toolbox Talk Template? Download it here.

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previewDownload Toolbox Talk App
previewDownload Toolbox Talk App