Would you want to be a happier builder?

It’s funny how so often so many people, with virtually no experience in building, seem so keen to tell Builders how to run your businesses and your lives.

We’re not looking to tell you to do anything; we just think there are tens of thousands of builders out there that would enjoy being a lot happier. Speaking from experience, having developed or renovated over 150 properties in my time, and now with already close to 2,000 app users, I think we have a deep understanding of builders. I think we get it, and I really think we get you.

We’re big believers in mitigating stress and offsite workload. And we’re absolutely committed to believing that most builders, given the choice, would rather have a life with their families than spend every waking minute playing catch up. Just being happier, it’s not impossible.

We encourage you to try, for example, scheduling all the stuff that ISN’T in the project schedule. This might sound a little vague, but when used in relation to your finances, it will save you loads of time and stress. Also, will help you to be better organised too.

For example, many builders and trades tell us they pay a bill as soon as it arrives. This might seem like a good idea because it keeps suppliers and sub-contractors happy. But what if you make a rule that you only pay bills on, say, a Thursday? You won’t have to worry about checking if a bill has been paid. You’ll know that, if you received it within 7 days, it’s due to be paid.

Will your suppliers and sub-contractors lose any instant gratification? Probably not. But they’ll gain it in reliability and consistency. Rather than having them check their bank account each day to see if you’ve paid them, they’ll know that they’ll get paid every Thursday.

A simple change, right? But one which means that you give yourself a set time to do admin. And this will save you stress throughout the week.

And that’s just one example! Think about it. What if you apply this same approach to other areas?

What about your admin, project or business-wise? It'll stop you stuck at the desk, every night of the week? We reckon that alone is enough to start seeing more of a smile on your face.

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A happy builder smiling because he uses Trabr to manage his projects