Refer A Mate & Get $70 AUD worth Trabr Credit.
Bloody Genius.


Refer A Mate & Get $70 worth Trabr credit for every successful referral, Bloody Genius

That's right. For every mate you refer to Trabr, just because you referred them you get $35 AUD 
worth of Trabr credit towards your subscription. 

When they subscribe, you get an additional $35 AUD worth of Trabr credit towards your subscription.

Help us spread the word and we'll give you free money (...basically). Oh, and by the way, your mates will enjoy a special offer for signing up too. So, it's a win win, win.


Refer a mate in 3 simple steps


Step 1: Check your email!

Check your email to get started. We've sent a unique referral code to your email.


Step 2: Refer a mate

Send your referral code to a mate, once they sign up, you'll receive $35 worth of credit to your Trabr account.


Step 3: Get Rewarded

Once your mate signs up to Trabr and continues to subscribe, you'll receive an additional $35 credit. That's just for one successful referral!


Here's what will happen once you refer someone

For every referral, we will add $35 AUD worth Trabr credit to your subscription and if they subscribe to Trabr, you get another $35 AUD worth credit, up to a maximum of $700. That's up to 10 of your builder mates you invite!

Got more builder mates to invite? We've got you covered with an exciting affiliate program which we'll keep you posted about as you're close to hitting the cap.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about this please feel free to talk to us by emailing at support@trabr.com or calling +61 (0) 488 77 3200 and we'll happily answer them.