Why Us?

Trabr for Owner Builders & Renovators

Trabr is the super simple renovating and building app.

And by simple we mean really, really easy to use. No crap. No stress. No more “how do I do that” moments. Get it all done like a pro and focus on bringing your dream to life, not sweating over all the admin tasks.

Key Features


Easily create tasks at the tap of your fingertips. Know who is doing what and when, and have the entire team aware of everything too. Let nothing slip through the cracks anymore, ever.


Visibility gives you peace of mind.

It’s often said that building or renovating a home can be one of life’s most stressful times. Now you don’t need to stress about your budget because Trabr keeps a tally and gives you visibility of how much you’ve spent so that you know precisely where you’re at.

Don’t worry about finding a variation to print, sign, scan back in and send to your builder or project team because with Trabr, all of your variations are stored in the app; you sign off on it in the app and send it straight back in a matter of seconds. No paper, no mess and no stress.


Helping you stay organised.

With you and your builder both on Trabr, you don’t need to worry about where that really important information is. Like, “where was that conversation? Was it in a text, was it an email or was it in Whatsapp?” and “I’m sure I told them something different, but I can’t find it”.

With Trabr you can have all your project information at your fingertips so you won’t feel left in the dark; get updates and be aware all the time. Messages, variations and everything else - all in one place.


Manage your home renovation or build from anywhere, anytime.

Using Trabr to manage your project, there's no need to log into your computer. Now you can stay on top of what’s happening on your project and do critical tasks from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. Trabr allows you to keep everything you need, all in one place, all cloud-based, all completely mobile.


Proudly locally made.

Trabr is an unlisted public company based in Sydney, Australia with Directors, Advisory Board Members and Shareholders in New Zealand and Australia.

We understand the challenges owner builders and renovators face because we have so much experience ourselves in this space and because we talk with you and work with you every day. And, being local, you don’t have to be confused with apps built somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

Be confident, with Trabr.


Register with us today and start using Trabr for free.

Go to the App Store or Play Store, download the Trabr app anytime or click the link below to register your details and one of our team members will be in touch to help get you set up.