Why Us?

Trabr for Trades & Sub-Contractors

Trabr is the super simple renovating and building app.

And by simple we mean really, really easy to use. No crap. No stress. No more “how do I do that” moments. Because you should be doing what you want to do. Like getting the job done well and not sweating over the admin tasks.


Keep everyone in the loop.

"80% of my work comes from 20% of my clients" is something we hear from you all the time. We get that builders are important to you for consistent workflow. As is building a strong relationship with the builders you do work for.

Trabr gives you the easy way to keep your builders satisfied and up to date with all the work you’ve done and whatever’s left over. No stress, no time wasted calling back and forth; just a few taps and off to your next job you go. It’s that simple.


Quick, Easy and Logged.

With Trabr’s Check-In and Check-Out features, your builders can invite you into a project where you can easily, with just a tap of a button, let them know that you’re on-site. When you’re done for the day it’s just as easy to let them know you’ve left and to leave them a note of what’s been done. No more time doing the ring around. Your time is precious and every second of your working day that you’re not on the tools, you’re losing money.

Just like that, your job is done, the builder is happy and you’re getting paid faster.


Do business from anywhere, anytime.

What’s more important to running your business than being able to work on the go? Isn’t your mobile much easier to use than a laptop?

With Trabr there’s no need to run back to your office to log into your computer. Now you can do critical tasks from your phone and access your project information anytime, anywhere.


Proudly locally made.

Trabr is an unlisted public company based in Sydney, Australia with Directors, Advisory Board Members and Shareholders in New Zealand and Australia.

We understand the challenges trades and sub-contractors face because we've project managed hundreds of projects ourselves and because we talk with trades and sub-contractors and work with you every day. And, being local, you don’t have to be confused with apps built somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.


Click the link below to register your details and one of our team members will be in touch to help get you set up.